SHAHRIAR GHODSIAN, MD - Pulmonary, Critical Care and Internal medicine

As the landscape of medicine is changing, insurers are making it more difficult for private physicians to provide the dedicated care that patients deserve. 

Our office is now out of network with all insurance carriers except for medicare. Having said that, our billing department will bill insurance and usually accept that payment as full payment. i.e., we will not "balance bill" the patient. The remaining balance may be discounted. In certain instances there may be some out of pocket cost to the patient but those are usually small and nominal. 

The explanation of benefits mailed to you from the insurance company will reflect figures prior to pending discounts. In general we urge the patient not to be concerned with those figures. 

Certain insurance companies will send the payment for 
Dr. Ghodsian's services to the address they have on file for the insured. In this event, we expect those funds to be immediately forwarded to our billing department for processing. Failure to do so will result in large penalties which include the entire balance of the account prior to those substantial discounts, and further collection referrals.

Checks received for Dr. Ghodsian's services should be deposited, and a separate check made out to "Dr. Ghodsian" for the exact amount. Mail checks to:
PO BOX 5248
BH, CA 90209

Any billing questions or concerns may be discussed with our billing department at 

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